Meet Me

We offer limited chances of matching everyday: 5 chances a day for female and 3 chances a day for male. We want you to really talk and listen to the person you paired up. Give our soul a bit more time before saying NO.

Audio Call

You can give someone a free voice call everyday during 9pm-10pm. You both have 4 min to get to know each other. By reveal your Soul persona to each other, both of you will get unlimited call time.Otherviews, you call will be ended and you will never meet each other again anymore.

Soul Cam

Soul Camera provide you many different avatars which create you an unique Soul Persona. You can then meet people, share posts as your avatar so your friends won't find you on Soul.

Soul Tests

Soul will select and generate many tests such as fun, quzzies, love and relationship, personalities and so on for you. You can choose any of them depending where your interests lay. The more you know about yourself, the quicker to meet new friends.

Feeds Poll


Sound Posts

The sound posts feature allow you to record your voice and share it as posts on Square.

Personalised Poll

You can also generate your personalised Poll as a feed post.

Feeds Notifications

Any notifications from square will appear on the right bottom of the page. You can check it out if there are any interesting comments and replies for you.

Soul Coins

Soul offers daily log in Soul Coin Bonus to our active users. Log in everyday to get more free soul coins.

Private room



Here you can have a secret one to one conversation with strangers using text, voice, pictures( disappering pics) and videos.

Group Chat

Group Chat make hanging out easy. Our groupchat features are here for a handful of friends to relax and chill.

Soul Offical

Soul official will send you private messag to keep you update with our features and tests.


Stars are a significant indicator to help you identify your relationship and classify your soulmate.Chat more to get more “stars”!

Unique Self



Your identity is hidden behind an unique avatar on Soul. Use your imagination to create your personalised avatar!

Soul Coin

Soul coins can be used on Soul to unlock many featuers, such as buy special avatars, time extention for voice calls, extra daily matching chances and much more!


Before stepping in Soul, you will be given a psychological test. Then our AI tech will assign you to five worlds: Mediator, Artist, Ideologist, Realist and Advocate; You can only retake this psychological test once to change planet.


Soul doesn't tolerate any kind of demeaning, inapproporite contents including racism, extremism and terrorism. Please be a nice person on your planet!